Hello, my name is Raphaël Jeanneret, I’m an experimental physicist holding a PDRA position at the University of Warwick in the joined group of Dr. Marco Polin and Dr. Vasily Kantsler.

My research interests are mainly focused on soft matter physics, with a particular attraction towards understanding the dynamics of small objects in confined geometries (and consequently at low Reynolds number). For instance, the amazing property of hydrodynamic reversibility (see here -at 3min20s- a famous video by G.I. Taylor) in suspensions of microscopic particles has been the major focus of research during my PhD (under the supervision of Prof. Denis Bartolo). Since I joined Marco and Vasily’s team I’ve been interested in how microorganisms (such as microalgae, bacteria, sperm cells, etc) swim and physically interact with their environments, while always keeping in mind biologically relevant questions. So far I have mainly addressed questions related to biogenic mixing, which is to understand to which extent these little bugs mix their local environment. I apply microfluidic techniques and statistical physics analysis together with simple modeling (from hydrodynamics, dynamical systems, etc) and numerical simulations in order to understand deeper these different phenomena.