Hello, my name is Raphaël Jeanneret, I’m an experimental physicist working at the interface of Soft-Matter, Hydrodynamics and Biophysics. Since 2017 I hold a postdoctoral fellowship from the Government of the Balearic Islands (‘Margalida Comas’, program CAIB) to mainly study the regulation of diatoms’ buoyancy upon external flows. I am conducting this project in the group of Idan Tuval at IMEDEA (Mallorca, Spain).

I’ve spent the previous three years as a PDRA in the joined group of Marco Polin and Vasily Kantsler at the University of Warwick (Coventry, UK) where I’ve developed a deep interest in the physics of swimming unicellular microorganisms (algae, bacteria, sperm cells, etc). The spirit here is to understand how and to which extent the universal laws of physics shape the behavior and the dynamics of these little bugs or their interactions with fellows or external objects. To that purpose I mainly apply microfluidic techniques together with video microscopy, image analysis and simple mathematical modeling or simulations.

I’ve been introduced to microfluidics by my Ph.D. advisor, Denis Bartolo, at the PMMH laboratory (ESPCI, Paris), where I’ve spent a bit more than three years working on the collective dynamics of flow-driven droplets in confined geometries (consequently at ultra low Reynolds number). From a general perspective, these systems are ideal to probe phenomena specifics to out-of-equilibrium physics. Moreover, and because confinement leads to long-range hydrodynamics interactions, interesting and often counter-intuitive collective effects take place.